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Woven Scarf Tea £45.00

Woven Scarf Rose £45.00

Woven Scarf Mushroom £45.00

Woven Scarf Chamomile £45.0

Woven Scarf Cochineal £45.00

Woven Scarf Sage £45.00

Woven Scarf Lincoln £45.00

Woven Kid-Silk Scarf
£45.00  (inc. P+P)

Handmade in Scotland from 75% Mohair and 25% Silk mix yarn.  The Scarves are feather light but warm, comforting and soft.  Ideal for changeable British weather.  
The scarves measure between 1.8-2m x 30cm approx. (34" x 12") and  are available in a variety of colours.