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The yellows produced by the spikes of flowers produces a very distinctive limey yellow, that looks almost fluorescent when you first pull it out of the dye bath.  They are not the prettiest plant to grow but the bees and butterflies love them.  This is how we dye woollen yarn. 

1. Harvest flower spikes to be used fresh or dried.

2. You will need 100 grams plant material for 100g of fibre

3. Chop the weld into 1cm long pieces and soak overnight in tap water.

4. Add 2litres of water and simmer for an hour, allow to cool.

5. Strain the weld and squeeze to remove as much liquid as possible.

6. Place the pre-soaked and mordanted yarn into the resultant dye bath immerse and leave in the liquid for 24hours. 

7. Allow to dry completely before washing.

Dried Weld 100g - £4.99