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Coreopsis is a lovely plant to grow, producing masses of flowers and attracting bees right through the Summer and Autumn.  The dried flowers have a heady tobacco like aroma, and the yellows and oranges they produce are intense.  This is the method we use for our woollen yarn. 

1.Harvest flower heads to be used fresh or dried.

2. You will need around 100g plant material for 100g of fibre.

3. If using dried flowers soak overnight in tap water.

4. Add 2 litres of water and simmer for an hour, allow to cool.

5. Strain the flowers and squeeze to remove as much liquid as possible return to heat .

6. Place the pre-soaked and mordanted yarn into the resultant dye bath, simmer for 30 mins then leave in the bath overnight. 

7. Allow to dry completely before washing.

Dried Coreopsis 100g - £4.99